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  • 产品名称: HIGHVIZ Photoluminescent PVC Rigid Sheet
  • 产品编号: HFGB-P100/HFGB-P150/HFGB-P200
  • Material: PVC
  • Standard: DIN 67510
  • Thickness: 1mm PVC sheet
  • Glow  color: Yellow-green
  • Glow time: >10h
  • Packing: As factory normal packing

Highviz photoluminescent series including:Photoluminescent Vinyl,Photoluminescent Sheet,Photoluminescent Signs,Photoluminescent Stickres,Photoluminescent Tape etc.

This photoluminescent rigid sheet is produced by mixing photoluminescent powder with several resins under coating or laminating craft. Now, resin-based photoluminescent rigid sheet is PVC material, metal-based photoluminescent rigid sheet is aluminum or stainless steel material.
     At present, there are two categories of Photoluminescent rigid sheet: PVC series, Metal-based series.PVC series photoluminescent rigid sheet is produced by mixing high quality strontium aluminate luminescent pigment which is manufactured by Highviz with PVC paste resins. This product has well flame resistance performance, easy printable performance. Its luminescent colors include yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue, etc. At present, PVC series photoluminescent rigid sheet is the most widely used in the market.

Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet is a luminescent product developed and produced on the basis of long afterglow photoluminescent powder, a component that is independently developed by Highviz. It is a photoluminescent sheet made of hard plastic, nontoxic and harmless, doesn’t contain any radioactive elements, and is characterized by quick light absorption, longer afterglow and longer service life.
     This photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet is produced by mixing photoluminescent powder with several resins under special process. It features quick light absorption and long afterglow duration, and takes the lead in luminance performance among all its peers.



Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet list









   Afterglow Intensity


Afterglow Time (min)



 10 min

60 min





 Upon request






















1. Many luminance grade, excellent parting off performance, easy to use.

2.Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet can resist flame to some extent, it can extinguish automatically when moved away from the fire source.

3.Excellent printable performance: silk-screen & inkjet printing(solvent ink).

4. Application in Safety MarkingsWarning signsfire-fighting signs widely.

5. Different thicknessspecial dimensionluminescent colorluminance or surface effect can be customized.

6. We can add self-adhesive of the PL PVC rigid sheet based on customers’ requirement.



Notes & Notices for Use:
     1. During transportation, cutting and printing, pay attention to avoid scratching the surface
     2. Photoluminescent rigid sheet should be cleaned before printing, if need, it should be wiped with alcohol.
     3. PVC series photoluminescent rigid sheet can be printed by common solvent ink,
Metal-based series photoluminescent rigid sheet should be printed by two-component curable ink.
     4. PVC series photoluminescent rigid sheet can be processed with cutting, stamping and engraving.
Metal-based series photoluminescent rigid sheet of low luminance can be processed by cutting and stamping, if high luminance, then it can be produced according to the size of customer’s requirement, don’t need to cut.
     5. To guarantee the luminance, photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet of same series will have color difference with respect to different lots

     Package & Storage:
     1.Package: existing in sheet, externally packaged with plastic film, then packaged into wooden box or pallet with plywood.
     2.Transportation: Measures should be taken to prevent collision, extrusion, sun and rain.
     3.Storage: stored in ventilated, dry, and cool warehouse whose ambient temperature is 10-40 ℃ and relative humidity below 70%.


The above test data is from SGS and SATRA laboratory test of HIGHVIZ received samples, final production will have ±3-5% tolerance, which is acceptable.







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