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  • Name: High Reflective Tape, Poly Backing
  • Number: H1102
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HIGHVIZ 1102 Grey Color Poly Reflective Tape, composed of 100%Poly fabric and coated with high retro-reflective glass beads, can be sewed on work wear, sportswear, school uniforms as well as fashion bags. HIGHVIZ Reflective Tape can make people visible in darkness, fog and raining weather to decrease dangers, also work as an element in the fashion industry.


Specification and Application:

Backing:  100%Poly

Color Available: Grey

Retro-reflection: >400cd/(lx ㎡)

Wash: Domestic Wash≥25 cycles@60°C (ISO 6330)

Dry Clean: ≥5 circles (ISO 3175)

Spec: 2.5cm*100M/Roll,3.8cm*100M/Roll, 5.0cm*100m/Roll, other size upon request.

Application: Ideal for High Visibility Work Wear, Protective Uniforms, Sportswear, School Uniforms ,Fashion Wear, Fashion Bags and so on.


Physical Performance

HIGHVIZ Grey Reflective Polyester Fabric is certified to meet ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Level 2 and EN20471 Level 2 retro-reflective performance, and meet or exceed the following technical data:

Certificate : ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Level 2; EN20471 Level 2

Abrasion: EN530 Method 2 (wool abradent/5000 cycles/9Kpa)

Flexing: ISO 7854:1997 Method A (7500 Cycles)

Folding at Cold Temperatures: ISO 4675 (-20℃)

Exposure to Temperature Variation: 12 hours at 50℃/20 hours at -30℃/2 hours at 20℃

Wash: ISO 6330: 2000 Method 2A, >25 cycles at 60℃

Dry Clean: ISO 3175: 1995 Method 9.1, >5 cycles

Retro-reflective Performance in Rainfall : AMSO/ISEA 107-2004, 284mm/h water flow

for 2 hours


The above test data is from SGS and SATRA laboratory test of HIGHVIZ received samples, final production will have ±3-5% tolerance, which is acceptable. 

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